Yoga and School - Practice Book

Yoga and School - Practice Book
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  • 978-3-95904-210-9
  • 148 Seiten
Yoga for greater mindfulness , health and joy of living After many years of experience... mehr
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Yoga for greater mindfulness, health and joy of living

After many years of experience with yoga in schools, Alexa Albrecht describes what makes it so special:

A few simple exercises within the first five minutes of a class lead to more peace and quiet in the classroom.

These yoga exercises make teachers and students feel good in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Everyone is more in tune with themselves and thus more focused.

Regular exercise strengthens the immune system, increases resilience, and creates a better classroom climate.

A good mood and a sense of relaxation can be felt immediately.

In this book, featuring illustrations by Julie Thomas, Alexa Albrecht passes on her experiences with teachers, parents, and students:

  • Yoga in the Classroom
  • Ideas for Yoga Clubs
  • Meditations
  • Selfcare
  • Imaginary journeys for listening to and trying out

 Alexa Albrecht
Yoga and School
Practice Book

14,8 x 21 cm, 148 pages with illustrations by Julie Thomas
ISBN 978-3-95904-210-9
Edition Forsbach 2022




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